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McBeth House: Tracing Back to the Selkirk Settlers

McBeth House is a municipally designated building, home to the McBeth family for over 70 years. Built by descendants of the Selkirk Settlers, it reflects the success some people found in moving to the settlement. When the McBeth family ceased to reside in the home in 1984, the building was given to the City of Winnipeg. It is now a meeting place for seniors, set on seven acres of beautiful green space on the west banks of the Red River and has taken part in Doors Open Winnipeg.

Alexander McBeath, his wife Christie, and their young family were among the Scottish colonists recruited by Lord Selkirk to settle the area around the Red River. The property claimed by the McBeath's (alternate spelling of "McBeth") was down the river from Fort Douglas, the settlement's centre of defense and trade. The property was narrow, starting at the Red River and leading back into hay land on the prairie. This method of settlement was both useful and necessary, making it easier for the se…

Doors Open Winnipeg 2014: The 4th Annual Peoples' Choice Awards

Doors Open Winnipeg is a free annual event that provides a unique architectural, cultural and educational experience. For one weekend of the year, the public is invited, free of charge, to enter built heritage treasures, cultural institutions, and other buildings of interest that would not normally be accessible to the public. Heritage Winnipeg presents Doors Open Winnipeg, which is a collaborative effort between the business and heritage communities, creating dynamic new partnerships and promoting civic pride in the built heritage of the city. The event fosters public awareness and understanding of community history and local architecture, encourages civic pride and active involvement in heritage conservation and development projects and showcases buildings and properties to potential developers, tenants, and conservationists.

Doors Open Winnipeg was first hosted in 2004 and we recently held our 11th annual event during the weekend of May 31st to June 1st, 2014. The next event is pl…

Touring Town: West End BIZ Mural Walking Tour

Article by Laura McKay & Roshanie Balkaran, on behalf of Heritage Winnipeg Corp.
To follow up on this or any other articles on the blog, contact Heritage Winnipeg's Executive Director.

WHO: Summer Students Laura McKay and Roshanie Balkaran, Tour Guide Sasha
WHAT: West End BIZ Mural Walking Tour
WHEN: Friday, August 8, 2014
WHERE: Meeting place in front of the Safeway at 600 Sargent Avenue
COST: Adults $5.00 | Kids 12 & under $2.00
CONTACT: Call the West End BIZ office at 204.954.7900

Quick Facts:
There are over 70 murals in the West End, including 4 new ones being added this summerThe tour features 10-15 murals (depending on time constraints), focusing on the newer and particularly significant piecesMurals contribute to a community by attracting visitors to the area, reducing the incidence of graffiti, representing the cultural diversity, educating the public on the subject matter, and contributing to a collective sense of pride in the place we live. Location: Prairie Stained Glass …