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Heritage at Risk: The William E. Milner House

A brief history of the William E. Milner House at 51 Balmoral Street, which as of 2014 is at risk of demolition by neglect.

1865 - William Edwin Milner is born in Brampton, Ontario, where he would eventually serve as mayor for four years prior to his move to Winnipeg.

1893 - William H. Milner, eldest son of William E. and Charlotte Milner, is born in Brampton, Ontario.

1903 - Land originally granted to James Spence is subdivided into 63 lots along the south side of Balmoral Street and the east side of Spence Street. James Spence was an  former Hudson's Bay Company employee who had farmed the property for many years.

1907 - William E. Milner moves to Winnipeg as the new western manager of the Maple Leaf Flour Mills Company, bringing his family along with him.

1909 - A house is built for William E. Milner and family at what is now 51 Balmoral Street. The work was completed by local contractor George W. Ford for a cost of $8000. It is constructed based on a revival of the Dutch Colo…

Dalnavert Museum & Visitors' Centre (Sir Hugh John Macdonald House)

Article by Laura McKay, on behalf of Heritage Winnipeg Corp.
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"Built in 1895, Dalnavert is a fine regional example of the Queen Anne Revival style, popular from about 1880 to 1914. Its asymmetrical composition in brick, varied massing and rich interior decoration are typical of this eclectic style, which is loosely based on late medieval and early Renaissance British models. The expansive verandah, common to the style in Canada and the United States, unites the house and its setting. Designed by Charles H. Wheeler, Dalnavert was built for Sir Hugh John Macdonald, premier of Manitoba 1899-1900." ~ text from plaque installed by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada (1995) ~
Brief History of 61 Carlton Street

1893 - Hugh John Macdonald purchases the land at what is now 61 Carlton Street.

1895 - The house at 61 Carlton Street is built for Hugh John Macdonald and his f…