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Thanks for supporting our Spring Luncheon

Article by Megan Redmond, Red River College Creative Communications student, on behalf of Heritage Winnipeg Corp.
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What you missed - Spring Luncheon Recap

Last week Heritage Winnipeg supporters gathered in the elegant Provencher Room of the historic Fort Garry Hotel for our annual Spring Fundraising Luncheon. As always, the Fort Garry Hotel staff were gracious hosts and provided a delicious dining experience for everyone in attendance.

After lunch, urbanist Richard Walls gave a thought-provoking presentation called Renovation vs. Preservation: A Catalyst for Change and Causes for Concern. 

The presentation highlighted the positive impact that the creative rehabilitation of Winnipeg’s heritage buildings can have on our community. Richard has been involved in many renovation projects throughout downtown and the Exchange including, the Kay Building, Pan Am Boxing, The Edge Artist’s Village, Red Road Lodge and many more.

His commitment to rejuvenating our communities through arts and culture programs and providing access to people with limited means was evident throughout the presentation.

At the centre was the idea of placemaking – the concept of reimagining public spaces as the heart of every community and inspiring people to create and improve their public spaces in order to strengthen the connection between people and the places they share.

Richard’s passion for social issues was also clear in the very heart-felt delivery of his presentation, and though he touched on some controversial issues, everyone left the luncheon with something to think about.

On behalf of Heritage Winnipeg, we’d like to thank Richard for attending our luncheon and standing at the podium to discuss his heritage development work and contributions to the community.

Cindy Tugwell (HW Executive Director), Richard Walls, Jordan van Sewell (HW President)

Thanks also go out to our generous event attendees! It is wonderful to see so many people come out to support our organization and Winnipeg’s built heritage.

Dave McDowell, one of the founding forces behind Heritage Winnipeg found a surprise under his saucer and won our door prize for the day. Congrats Dave!

Celine Kear was the lucky winner of our fabulous Twilight in the Exchange gift basket. No one deserves a little pampering and fun out in the Exchange more than this hard-working lady. Congratulations Celine!

Just because you didn’t win the gift basket, doesn’t mean you can’t take some time to explore Twilight in the Exchange

Check out the great local businesses that contributed to our prize this year.
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