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Haunted Winnipeg - Theatres: Guest Post by Author Matthew Komus

For over a decade I have worked as a tour guide in Winnipeg. In this role, I have had the opportunity to showcase many of the city's amazing heritage buildings to visitors from around the world. Over the years, I have been asked countless questions but there is one question that comes up far more than any other. It doesn't matter what building is being discussed or what the topic of the tour is, someone will always ask "is this building haunted"? 

It was the frequency of this question that lead me to begin Winnipeg's first haunted walking tour Winnipeg Ghost Walk. The tour showcases the history and ghost stories connected to some of Winnipeg's best known heritage buildings. 

It should not be surprising that we find a connection between history and ghosts. Both subjects provide us with a pathway to our past. Historic buildings provide us with a physical connection to the lives of their previous owners and visitors; we can still wander through their rooms and see…

Death & Debauchery Before the Theatre - Exchange District BIZ Walking Tours

Article by Rushika Khatkar, on behalf of Heritage Winnipeg Corp.  
To follow up on this or any other articles on the blog, contact Heritage Winnipeg's Executive Director.

Hi! My name is Rushika Khatkar. This summer I am working at Heritage Winnipeg. I was placed here through the Winnipeg Foundation’s Summer Internship Program. It's an opportunity for students to understand the charities in Winnipeg at a deeper level. I got involved with this program through my participation in the Youth in Philanthropy club at my high school. This was a club that was dedicated to helping local charities in Winnipeg. 

I hope to go into business once I graduate high school. I am a member of numerous clubs at my school such as yearbook and student council.  I love to read in my spare time and can be often seen with my nose in a book. 

On Tuesday, we went to Music at the Millennium, sponsored by Telpay, which was a real treat as I was able to hear members of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. It happ…

The Forks Oral History Walking Tour with the Nepinaks

Article by Laura McKay, on behalf of Heritage Winnipeg Corp.  
To follow up on this or any other articles on the blog, contact Heritage Winnipeg's Executive Director.

For the month of July, The Forks is offering an Oral History Walking Tour. Running every Wednesday (July 8, 15, 22, & 29) starting at 10:00am, this tour gives you the opportunity to see the Forks through the eyes and interpretations of Clarence & Barbara Nepinak, two Indigenous elders who have been influential in the creation of The Forks as we know it today. 

Taking 1-2 hours, the tour is a little different each time, as it is taken purely from the memories of your tour guides. There is no registration required and the tour is free, as well as suitable for all ages. Just remember to wear good walking shoes and bring mosquito repellent!

We met for the tour at the front of the St. Boniface Cathedral/La Cath├ędrale de Saint-Boniface. The Eastbound Number Ten Bus, St. Boniface-Wolseley, will get you from Portage Av…

Dalnavert Museum: A New Beginning (with interior photographs!)

On May 30, 2015, the Dalnavert Museum and Visitors’ Centrereopened to the public during the Doors Open Winnipeg 2015 event. The official reopening on June 1, 2015 was thanks to outstanding community support and a group of dedicated individuals called the Friends of Dalnavert. 

Under their guidance, the meticulously restored home and adjoining community meeting place has started a new chapter in its already colorful history. The refreshed Dalnavert aims not only to respect the past, but also to support the future of our city and its vibrant cultural community.
So what is Dalnavert exactly?
The Early Years
Originally built in 1895, Dalnavert was once the home of Sir Hugh John Macdonald. You might know him as the son of Canada’s first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald, but he was also an influential member of Winnipeg’s community during a time when our little city was still the boom town know as the “Gateway to the West.” 
At the time large homes or estates were often given names that were si…