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The Frost and Wood Warehouse at 230 Princess Street

The construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in western Canada, brought with it a boom in Winnipeg real estate. Land prices and the city's population grew rapidly, and solid brick structures began to replace the small wooden shacks that had been the norm. The city also began to divide itself into sectors - residential, commercial, and industrial - as the landscape changed. 

The railway brought with it commercial interests, both local and from Eastern Canada - within a very short time, Winnipeg took on the role of the wholesale hub for all of Western Canada. Companies such as R.J. Whitla, Stobart, Eden, and Company, George D. Wood, and J.H. Ashdown were all established in the city prior to the CPR boom.

As the centre of commerce for Western Canada and one of the fastest growing urban centres in North America, Winnipeg experienced a period of unchecked growth from 1900-1914. Princess Street was one of the area's most important thoroughfares, and in 1906, that was the loc…

The Woodbine Hotel at 466 Main Street

The Woodbine Hotel at 466 Main Street was built in 1878 as Dufferin Hall, a small hostel that was about 22 feet wide and approximately twice as long. The original building was a wood frame structure and unlike the the current structure, did not extend all the way to Albert Street. 

The scene along Main Street in the early 80s was filled with bars and saloons (the hotels that housed them stretched from the CPR Station on Higgins to what is now Union Station) and were accompanied by con artists, prostitution, and gamblers in large numbers. In 1881, there were 64 saloons flourishing along this Main Street strip, leading James Gray to later refer to the area as a "perpetually self-renewing quagmire" (James H. Gray Booze Macmillan of Canada (Toronto) 1972 p. 10).  

Bars became the focal point of social activity, making the sale of alcohol a very profitable business, bringing with it the familial and public consequences of drunkenness. These bars looked very little like the business…

Psychic Experiments: Hamilton House at 185 Henderson Highway (Part 2 of 2)

Continued from Part 1.
Publication Dr. Hamilton wrote many articles on spiritualism as well as on medical issues, and there were many articles written about him. The next two photographs show an article he had written in Light: A Journal of Psychical, Occult, and Mystical Research, in which he explains the phenomenon of the C.H. Spurgeon image. The first photo shows part of the first page of the article and the second photo shows the lower portion. 

Left column - "The mass, attached to Mary M.'s face, had appeared after the medium had been searched and while her hands were being continuously held and had been so held for some time, and while the hands of all present were being held. It had appeared shortly after her head, face, and neck had been re-examined by four witnesses and nothing found thereon and it had been recorded by three cameras." Right column - "The face-form appeared to be alive, or better, to represent or reflect the appearance of an individual who wa…