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A History of The Burton Cummings Theatre

Written by Laura Wiens on behalf of Heritage Winnipeg corp. Laura McKay, your trusted Heritage blogger, has moved on to bigger and better things. She was a huge asset to our organization and we wish we all the best. 
I'm also named Laura, I guess it was a popular 90s name. I'll be continuing this blog. I'll try very hard to maintain the same high level of quality that the Laura McKay strove for, and our readers have come to expect.

To follow up on this or any other articles on the blog, contact Heritage Winnipeg's Executive Director.  

The man who Brought Entertainment to Winnipeg
Long before the Burton Cummings Theatre was named for the lead singer of The Guess Who, it was called The Walker Theatre, named for Corliss Powers Walker. (1853-1942)

C.P. Walker was born in Vermont. His family moved from Minnesota when he was young. As an adult, he ran a printing business in North Dakota with his brother, and was the business’s manager.

In the 1890s, Walker became interested in…