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Hall-Marks The Spot: Winnipeg's Heritage in Christmas Movies

If you have been anywhere in Winnipeg in the past several years, you’ve likely seen a film crew at some point. They’re easy to spot: Long white trucks, maybe a trailer or two, set up along Winnipeg’s suburban streets or in a parking lot downtown. Manitoba’s film industry has taken off, bringing in millions of dollars (2.73 million in 2018/19, to be specific) and dozens of Hollywood stars.

There are incentives to come film in Winnipeg. Provincial tax credits make filming in Manitoba comparably cheaper than somewhere like Toronto, and both the natural and built environment prove to be considerable draws.

Winnipeg has a wide variety of building types going back 150 years, and the old-fashioned brick streets of the Exchange District can and have doubled for Chicago, New York, and even Texas. Homes along Wellington Crescent and Kingsway can work for your grand mansion needs. Even our more modernist structures and less-distinctive side streets are used for more contemporary films.

One par…

An Opportunity for Revival: The Sale of St. Boniface's City Hall and Fire Hall

On December 4, 2019, St. Boniface’s former City Hall and Fire Hall No. 1 saw dozens of people walk through their doors to attend their open houses. This took place just a week after the City of Winnipeg announced their plans to sell these two historic structures and put out a request for proposals. Local media picked up the story quickly, and it appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press, CTV Winnipeg, and CBC in short order. Though the deadline for proposals is not until February 2020, concerns about the existing tenants in city hall and prospective redevelopment of the fire hall have been swirling around the heritage community. Both buildings are designated municipal historic structures. The Fire Hall was designated on September 14th, 1987 and St. Boniface's City Hall was designated November 2nd, 1981.

Though these two buildings are being lumped together in the city’s request for proposals, the St. Boniface City Hall and Fire Hall differ wildly in their previous uses and current states…

The Little House on Adelaide: The Story of the Kelly House

Among the large industrial warehouses that make up the bulk of the Exchange District, The Kelly House at 88 Adelaide seems out of place. Comparatively small, the red-bricked Queen Anne Revival Style home today is sandwiched between two massive warehouses and parking lots.

It was not always this way. Before the industrial boom of the mid-1880s, the Exchange District was largely residential and The Kelly House was one home of many. However, as the wholesale industry grew in Winnipeg so did the need for warehouse space. Slowly but surely the Exchange District shifted, and these early houses were replaced by the Richardsonian Romanesque warehouses we know today. By 1920, just five of the many homes on Adelaide remained and most were vacant. Today, only one house remains, and the reason why ties into the tale Manitoba’s most well-known corruption scandal. As you may have guessed, the owners of the Kelly House were none other than Winnipeg’s infamous Kelly family.

The Irish-Born Kelly broth…