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Celebrating Heritage Day 2019

On February 18th, 2019 Heritage Winnipeg celebrated Heritage Day. Heritage Day was created by the National Trust for Canada in 1973 to "preserve and promote Canada's natural, architectural, and historical heritage" (Encyclopaedia Britannica). Although it is not a official national holiday, it is celebrated throughout Canada, usually on the third Monday of February.

Heritage embodies both tangible and intangible pieces of our collective history: music, language, stories, pictures, maps, documents, artifacts, regalia, traditions, buildings, meeting places and so much more! It brings us together and reminds us that we are all connected; to each other, the past, the present and the future. What started over 45 years ago as a single day dedicated to heritage has now grown into an entire week. In 2019, Heritage Week is celebrated from February 18th to 24th. The National Trust's theme for Heritage Week in 2019 is "Heritage: The Tie that Binds".

Heritage Day was celebrated on February 18, 2019 in Manitoba. Source: Shuswap Culture.

To celebrate Heritage Day, Heritage Winnipeg hosted the 2019 Annual Preservation Awards. The awards recognize the building projects and people dedicated to the conservation of Winnipeg's built heritage. Now in its 34th year, the awards have recognized over 130 building projects in Winnipeg that conserved built heritage while making it functional for the modern era. The awards have also recognized over 60 individuals and community groups that have made a difference through their commitment to Winnipeg's built heritage.

The 2019 Annual Preservation Awards were held on February 18th at the St. Vital Library.

The 2019 Annual Preservation Awards took place at the St. Vital Library, a municipally designated heritage building newly opened after renovations. Award nominations were open to the public, with Heritage Winnipeg checking through heritage project permits to ensure no deserving projects went unrecognized. The Executive Director of Heritage Winnipeg, Cindy Tugwell, as well as the President of Heritage Winnipeg, Lisa Gardewine, were on hand with members of the Heritage Winnipeg Board of Directors to hand out the awards.

Five outstanding building projects were given Conservation Awards of Excellence, with a Distinguished Service Award and Youth Award rounding out the event. Over 80 people attended the ceremony, which was followed by a tour of the renovated library by the project's architect, Wins Bridgman. It was an excellent way to celebrate Winnipeg's exceptional built heritage and the extraordinary people who go above and beyond to keep our tangible history alive. Special thanks to the City of Winnipeg for hosting the event at the library!


Conservation Award of Excellence 
Woodbine Hotel at 466 Main Street 

To the owners of the Woodbine Hotel for their commitment to conserve its original interior and exterior character defining elements.

Heritage Winnipeg Board Member Greg Agnew presenting to the Woodbine Hotel

Conservation Award of Excellence 
Bright and Johnston Building at 141 Bannatyne Avenue

To 141 Bannatyne Inc. for the extensive exterior work based on a thorough engineer's study, and the major commitment to the rehabilitation and maintenance of the historic building's envelope.

To B&F Masonry for their extensive masonry work undertaken to the historic building's envelope.

To Crosier Kilgour Ltd. for their extensive and thorough engineer's study for the rehabilitation of this historic building's envelope.

Heritage Winnipeg Board Member Nancy Klos presenting to 141 Bannatyne Inc.

B&F Masonry accepting from Heritage Winnipeg Board Member Nancy Klos

Conservation Award of Excellence 
Porter / Galpern Building at 165 McDermot Avenue

To Alston Properties Ltd. for their commitment to the revitalization of this significant heritage building, a residential conversion with thirty-four rental units that now breath new life into a pivotal corner of the East Exchange District, and contributes to the current needs of the city's downtown.

To 5468796 Architecture Inc. for their integral design contribution to the rehabilitation process, converting an historic Chicago School style warehouse in the historic East Exchange into a multi-unit apartment building.

Alston Properties accepting from Heritage Winnipeg Board Member Lawrence Prout

Heritage Winnipeg Board Member Lawrence Prout presenting to 5468796 Architecture Inc.

To the Friends of Dalnavert Museum for the exterior woodwork restoration undertaken, their commitment to a long term maintenance plan and for their team of exemplary restoration specialist. 

To Restoration Specialist Sandy Siepman for providing a long term restoration and maintenance plan that allowed for successful conservation work to be undertaken. 

Friends of Dalnavert Museum accepting from Heritage Winnipeg Board Member Nick Hasiuk

Conservation Award of Excellence 
St. Vital Library at 6 Fermor Avenue

To the City of Winnipeg for their commitment as owners of a public institution to undertake sensitive maintenance and upgrade project.

To Bridgman Collaborative Architecture for their sensitive work undertaken for the maintenance and upgrades, working in collaboration with the City of Winnipeg to develop and execute a successful rehabilitation.

The City of Winnipeg accepting from Heritage Winnipeg President Lisa Gardewine

Bridgman Collaborative Architecture accepting from Heritage Winnipeg President Lisa Gardewine

To the owners of Patent 5 Distillery for their dedication and commitment to remove and preserve the heritage elements from the St. Regis Hotel's historic Oak Room, pending its demolition. The Oak Room elements were relocated to the Dominion Express Building where the space that formerly housed wagons now has the look and feel of a turn of the century tasting room, outfitted with salvaged stained glass doors, wood paneling and chandeliers.

Heritage Winnipeg Executive Director Cindy Tugwell presenting to Patent 5 Distillery

To Natassja Brien, a 2018 summer student, for researching and writing a number of superb blogs, rich in historical details, with accompanying pictures and drawing on a great range of resources.

Natassja Brien accepting from Heritage Winnipeg Board Member David McDowell

Thank you to everyone who came out and 
celebrated National Heritage Day 
and Louis Riel Day! 

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Written by Cheryl Mann for Heritage Winnipeg

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